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About Triad Outdoor Advertising

Triad is one of the few independently owned and operated full service Billboard Advertising Companies left in North Carolina. Our Company not only has managed to survive in the land of giant multi-national Outdoor Advertising Companies, but flourish because of our personal attention to detail, flexibility and quality locations.

Excellent Locations

While many of our competitors concentrate their attention on being the largest, we spend our energies on being the best. Rather than building locations anywhere a permit was able to be obtained, we’ve spent our time developing the best billboard locations which are strategically placed for maximum exposure, read time and visibility. In the markets that we represent, Triad has the premiere Interstate locations.


Attention to detail and flexibility is the hallmark of our company. We strive to completely satisfy each of our client’s needs on an individual basis. Our specialized services from creative design artwork to customized invoice billing help meet the needs of our clients. Answers to questions and concerns are almost immediate. Also, because Triad Outdoor is locally owned, our prices are not stamped in stone and we are able to be more flexible in terms of pricing.

Please contact us for availability.